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Toy poodles in Cabarita



Meet puppies & their parents


Puppies from Cabarita Toys come from a healthy home environment, with carefully chosen parentage. They come with a proven pedigree, complete vet checks and social skills to help them advance to the next level—your home.

Every owner should be confident in their decision to bring a pet into their home. Fortunately, toy poodles have a lot to offer, making them a popular choice worldwide.

Toy poodles generally weigh between 3 to 5 kilograms in adulthood and typically reach between 9 to 11 inches in height. Despite their petite size, they are energetic and resilient, with a lifespan of up to 18 years.

Poodles, including toy poodles, are beloved because they do not sit on the sidelines; they prefer to be real members of the family. They develop unique personalities, are keen learners and love to be with their chosen people. They are confident, loyal little creatures who are ready to keep up with a bustling household, as well as wind down for quality time with a single owner.

Cabarita Toys places significant emphasis on the parent and puppy alike. The health, happiness and quality of our breeding family members is just as paramount as that of the litters they produce. Learn more about the lineage at Cabarita Toys.
Poodle with Pink Hair Ribbon — Cabarita Toys in Banora Point, NSW

Our Girls


Tiffany, Sharday, Jasmine and Maya: The girls of Cabarita live a life that includes good nutrition, adequate exercise and veterinary care. Our breeding ladies possess traits characteristic of the purebred toy breed, in that they are social, smart and very loving. Contact us to book a visit or call for more information.









Our Boys


The boys at Cabarita Toys enjoy the same excellent quality of life as our girls. Get a full rundown of their family history below:

Kyto “Savoir Kiwi Secret at Haggai” (IMP NZ)

NZ CH. CH. Renoir Its Gotta Bee Me (IMP NZ)
S. NUCH. Solnes Im a Break Dancer (NOR)
D. Renoir Island Queen (NZL)
D. Renoir Kup O’Kona
S. N.Z CH Ashwood Just a Whisper (NZL)
S. N. Z CH Silverbank the Terminator (NZL)
D. Silverbank Heavenly Girl (NZL)
N.Z CH. Jayde Hidden Secret (NZL)
S. NZ CH. Ashwood Dusky Fanfare (NZL)
D. N.Z CH. Jayde Brownby Design (NZL)
D. Jayde It’s a Toy Story (NZL)

Kai “Toylyn My Kai”

CH. Sauvage Kick Start
S. CH. Rusch Mix Savoir Faire (IMP SWE)
D. Sauvage Millies Magic
D. CH. Sauvage Beach Baby
S. CH. Solnes It Had to Happen (IMP NOR)
S. SH. Sauvage All In One
D. NUCH. CH. Kissena My Lolita
CH. Silkyelk Solitaire
S. Bellissima Spiced Koffee
D. CH. Bellissima Caramel Fudge
D. CH. Bellissima Ginger Spice

Jacob “Cabarita Toys Mr Jacob”

Sire: Savoir Kiwi Secret at Haggai
Dam: Haggai Tiny Dancer